Guitar - Is your child pestering you to learn the guitar? Or did you want to increase her cool factor for middle and high school? Guitar lessons designed with your child in mind. He will be in the hands of a down-to-earth coach guiding him in the important basics whilst managing to keep it real for them and fun. Working towards our many free recitals and opportunities to jam with others, she will be rocking out in no time.

Can’t come to us? We will come to you! In-Home lessons right in the comfort and familiarity of your space. Perfect for the shy or not-so-shy child

Footprints Music has been offering Guitar lessons in North Toronto and Lawrence park area for over 9 years!

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Ukulele - Don’t Fret - Our ukulele teachers are there for your child from the first strum! Learn the most basic chords from the first lesson so he can jam at any campfire at the cottage or play with friends at camp. There is nothing better than the connection a ukulele session does to a childs’ confidence and whimsy.

In-studio or in-home lessons available! To sign up for ukulele lessons at Footprints Music in North Toronto sign up below or call us! 416-792-6683 Your frequently asked questions will be answered by a live person! So 1999!

Bass - Bringing the low end. This often overlooked instrument is one of the most important! Tip: Parents if your child is asking for bass lessons piano and guitar won't cut it. Sign them up!

In-studio or in-home lessons available! To sign up for bass guitar lessons at Footprints Music in North Toronto sign up below or call us! 416-792-6683

We’re Different

It’s about a music community and being connected to your teacher. Want to see your child’s progress? Do you want to know how much your child is practicing? You can any place, any time. We connect parents to their children’s music lesson and it’s almost like being there.

We want your child to have a complete musical lesson experience everywhere - in our studios, at your home and out with their friends and family. We do that. We give your child for that experience. We add personality to a lesson - Your child’s!

Our Philosophy = Your Philosophy

Music should be fun, engaging and a challenging. Our coaches will guide your child to be the musician they’ve always dreamed of. You child get always have a well balanced lesson of the important techniques and skills with music they want to learn.

Making Your Family Life Easier

We help your child reach their goals by tracking results weekly with out Lesson Management System. Simply put, we work together with you, the parents so no one is left in the dark about your child’s progress. The results are understood by anyone - no music knowledge necessary!

Busy kid? We get it! We have found a way to be there the other 6 days of the week. We’ve got your back to help with practicing and your child will never miss a lesson. Our Instructors with send a video lesson and a plan to keep your child on track and reach their goals.

Meet Coaches Who Care

We have patient, nurturing and committed coaches to help bring out the creative, inner musical genius that is inside all of us - including your child. With teaching experience for a variety of ages and skill levels it’s about results and fun. Click here to meet them.

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