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Negin Rezaeiasl

Bachelor Of Music         

Assistant School Administrator


Negin is a young playful soul filled with knowledge and passion when it comes to music. Being a bachelor’s graduate with Honours in piano, she carries all the right skills required to be a successful music educator.  A class with her is not only filled with knowledge but it’s also filled with fun!

Kasia Young

Master of Piano Performance


Kasia Young is a fun teacher who no only has years of experience but a special intuition with students. She is results-focused and gets the best out of a player going for their grade 8 RCM exam or a beginner who is learning twinkle twinkle little star. 

Aisa Sayama

Bachelor Of Music         


Aisa is a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. She uses her experience not only from the classroom but also as a world traveler and performer

Joseph Landau

Bachelor of Fine Arts


As a Toronto performer, composer and teacher Joseph's soft touch creates a calming classroom atmosphere. 

Joseph Landau

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Pavel Gurvich

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Guitar/Piano/Ukulele/Bass/Digital Music

Alexandra Frank

Masters Of Music


Jaclyn Siou

Masters of Voice


Rana Mireskandari

Masters in Flute


Solon Gee

Bachelor of Music


Sanaz Mordian

Bachelor of Music


Afshin Effati

Bachelor of Music


Harry Rollo

Bachelor of Music