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What is the best age to start lessons?
From our experience there really isn’t a “best age” to start lessons. Some factors to consider are the size of your child (for guitar lessons), their ability to stay engaged in a lesson and their over all interest in lessons. Sometimes trying a lesson is the best way to find out. In 2011 we had a large influx of 5-year-old students for piano and most are still taking lesson with us today. If you have any concerns contact us as our staff would be more than happy to answer any questions.
Are adults able to take lessons?
We certainly do teach adults. We’ve always believed any time is a good time to learn an instrument. Music benefits people of any age!
Can I rent an instrument from Footprints Music?
Yes we do! We offer guitar and ukulele rentals and sometimes have keyboards available. contact us with any inquires. If you are new to Footprints Music please let us know you will need an instrument. Bonus 100% of your rental payments goes toward purchasing the instrument should you decide to buy it.
Where can I buy instruments?
Should you need an instrument or equipment we can’t supply our go-to store has been Long and McQuade. They have great prices and staff.

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Why do I need an Account/Do I have to use this account?
An account allows you to see all your billing information, teacher information, lessons schedule and notifications. All students must have an account – how you use that account is up to you. If you prefer not to log in and continue contact via email/phone/school yard that’s great! If you prefer to scour your profile for every bit of information that’s great too. You can use the service as much or as little as you like after all the necessary detail are entered into your profile regarding student information.
How do I enter my credit card details?
From a PC or Mac – Sign In on the right hand side there is a list. Click on “Payment Method”. Click “Add Card” and click in the fields to enter the information. *Note – if the software does not allow you to enter any information try again later.
How do I find my receipts?
All receipts are in your profile on the right hand side under History/Paid Bills.
What is the Waiver Front Desk is asking me to sign?
Front Desk Waivers are to acknowledge their Terms of Service and Footprints Music’s Terms of Service. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding this form.
How do I sign a waiver for a sibling?
An email address must be added to sign the waiver. At this time the email address does not need to be functioning but it must be a different address to any other family members.
Why are my lessons so awesome and so much fun?!
Everything is Awesome when you’re part of a team. Our teachers make learning exciting.