Music Lessons That Build Confident Kids

 "Our son is loving his lessons! I see a BIG difference in his confidence this year at Footprints Music."

- Katarina (parent)

Kidz Rock Rock Band 

🎵I know It's Only Rock And Roll. But I like it🎵

Is your 4-7-year-old asking you for music lessons? Do you feel they're too young? That they're not ready for the responsibility? Kidz Rock is the perfect music program for you and your little one.

  • Positive instruction to music💥
  • Learn piano 🎹, guitar 🎸, drums🥁 , and teamwork
  • Gives children 🄲🄾🄽🄵🄸🄳🄴🄽🄲🄴
  • No instrument to buy 👍
  • Nag-free practicing 😲
  • Weekly ⒻⓊⓃ E͛N͛G͛A͛G͛I͛N͛G͛ class
  • Live performances open to every group
  • Play with peers

It's a piano lesson, guitar lesson, drum lesson all rolled into one! Kids will sing along with their songs and make music. They start on instruments on day one and follow a weekly guided curriculum with their fun music Coach!

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We make music easy.

Playing an instrument just makes life better. If your child is 4+ now is the time to book them in for music lessons. The best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Our instructors will have your child playing songs from day one. Fun lessons keep kids engaged and wanting more.

Gone are the days of the strict, stuff teacher who made music a chore. This is the story we hear all the time and we're listening! We created all the best things about music lessons and put it together for a music lesson experience that will:

  • Grow Your Child's Confidence
  • Give 3 Skills Of  Participation, Perseverance, and Performance
  • Show Measurable Progress

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What Parents like you are saying

Negin is an excellent teacher, as you said she would be. Sarah has advanced already, just in these few weeks. I heard Negin playing something to illustrate a point the other day, and I have every confidence in her capabilities on the piano! Sarah tells me she also sings well

Eva T

The owners are flexible enough to accommodate the students’ needs and that of the parents: scheduling lessons, suitable instructors, price, location, nice website, and nice staff to work with.


10/10! Both of my children take lessons there and they love it so much!

Katy D