Our Teachers

Our Teachers

Kasia Young


Masters Degree in Music

One if our most popular teachers, Kasia brings to Footprints Music and Learning over 20 years of teaching experience. A warm and patient teacher

Kasia moved to Toronto 15 years ago where she has been an accomplished teacher in numerous music schools. She has taught individual and group lessons to students of all ages and all levels of piano. Besides preparing for RCM exams, festivals and music competitions, Kasia teaches composition and counterpoint and helps each student develop their own personal style. Whether you wish to learn pop, classical, jazz, or contemporary, Kasia is a teacher who can help you achieve your music goals! Every student is unique, and Kasia customizes each lesson to focus on the specific needs of the individual. Kasia keeps a healthy balance between the creative part of the lesson and learning the craft itself, and incorporates ear training and sight reading into each lesson. Working for years in the digital editing of the Symphony Orchestra in Poland for radio broadcasts, and also performing in various group ensembles, she brings vast experience to the art of teaching. The enjoyment of making music can be contagious, and highly addictive. As believed through the centuries, music, not only as an art form, but as a science, helps students in many areas of life and keeps them mentally healthy and happy. The journey through each level and every lesson is a fun and satisfying adventure, both to the student and for Kasia. She looks forward to meeting you!


Our Teachers

Maylin Ortega


Concurrent Teacher Education Program

Maylin started her music career at the age of 8 in Havana, Cuba. At the age of 17, she obtained a Diploma as a Music Theory Teacher from “Amdaeo Roldan” Provincial Conservatory of Music and started teaching elementary rudiments at “Paulita Concepcion” School of Arts.

In addition to that, she taught a Music Therapy Program for children victim of domestic violence at Moros y Christianos Community Centre. At the same time, she began to build her singing career as a mezzo-soprano of the National Choir of Cuba. Moreover, she sang for “Phoenix” Vocal Ensemble and Clave Mixta Quartet. In 2002, she moved to Toronto and continued her career as a singer of Palestrina Choir and piano teacher for Columbus Centre. Currently, She is enrolled in a Concurrent Teacher Education Program at the faculty of music at U of T. She brings to Footprints Music her experience as a teacher and professional singer in cross cultural environments and in formal and informal music education settings. She customizes every class to suit every student’s level and interest. She believes that music is a powerful tool to gain self confidence, to express yourself, and to enhance balance and well-being. A whole new world of music and happiness is waiting for you at her classroom.