Health Fair 2015- Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

rachael and alex We were invited to the 2015 Health Fair at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute last Monday, March 30. It was amazing for 2 reasons: First, that the York university nursing class of 2015 highly regards music as a therapy. Second, that the students of LPCI were very interested in a healthy lifestyle. Sure, there were the small slews of students who washed by without a glance. There were, however, tons of students who were really interested in the businesses and organizations that came to this event. From M.A.D.D. to Toronto public healthy, Chiropractors to Fitness centres – every avenue of healthy was represented in this fair. Here are some of the moments captured.

York University Nursing coordinators


Some of the participants
LPCI Students
Glendon Athletic Club and Toronto Health Services
Anytime Fitness and Rachael from Footprints Music

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