Buy or Rent? How to get your child’s first instrument

Should I rent or should I buy?

One of the most common questions about getting your child a musical instrument is “Should we buy one, or rent one?”. This is a great question so we wanted to lay out some of the general questions around instruments that will help to show different factors to consider in your decision.

Renting versus buying provides a great way to get access to an instrument without a significant upfront cost so that you can maximize your child’s learning experience. The key thing with getting the most out of music learning is access to the instrument for practice and making it a part of your routine so that practice becomes a fun part of any day 🙂

These are some of the frequently asked questions that relate to renting or buying.

My child is just getting started

This is probably the most common thing that people have to consider. If you and your child are just getting started with their music learning experience. Sometimes it is a good opportunity to rent for the first little while and once your child becomes more comfortable with their instrument you can then look towards purchasing one that they really like and that will feel more comfortable now that they are more familiar with it.

Will they outgrow the instrument?

This is most likely a question about guitar since some children will use a 3/4 sized guitar to get started, and as they grow they will be more able to use a full sized guitar. Wherever possible, we recommend using a full size guitar because it will make it much easier for your child to move from one guitar to another without any differences, but using a 3/4 sized guitar may be the best option for comfort when getting started.

Since a 3/4 sized guitar is usually a temporary instrument, it is a great opportunity to rent one until the full size guitar is the right fit and then you can make your purchase decision as you move towards that option.

Are there better instruments?

The reality of musical instruments, like nearly anything, is that the quality of the instrument is usually indicated by the price. Before you buy a low priced instrument you will want to speak to your teacher about whether it is the right option for you and your child. A $100 guitar may sound economical, but it may be uncomfortable to play for a few reasons and it may not stay in tune as easily as a slightly higher priced model.

By renting your instrument you can defer the purchase a little bit so that you can try out different options and find out what the ideal instrument is for you to get the best value without having to jump right in and buy something when you may not be sure.

Can I rent to own?

This is one of the great features of renting an instrument. Music stores will often have a rent-to-own program where you rent the instrument for a few months and then when you choose to buy, they will apply part of your rental fees towards the price so you can get value from what you’ve already paid.

Pride of ownership

We all have a great pride when we buy something that we really want. This can certainly be the case with a musical instrument. Once you pick out the one you want, you can bring it home and call it your own and it makes it even more fun to play and practice with.

There is no wrong answer

The truth of it all is that renting versus buying has many factors to consider. Renting is a great low-cost option to get you started with your instrument and we can definitely recommend that the best way to get the most of yourself when learning is to have an instrument available at home to practice and fully enjoy it.

Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or come on in and chat with us about your options and we will always be happy to help you out with some great ideas to bring the joy of music to you.



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